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Moreton DT2 8RB


The practice aid you have control of

Standard RibEye

Extreem High Rib Version

RibEye for high rib guns fits heights of 25 - 50mm
RibEye also comes in its own presentation box to make the ideal gift.

RibEye retails for only £25 plus postage*.
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Standard RibEye fits guns with a maximum rib height of 25mm

RibEye comes in its own presentation box to make the ideal gift.

RibEye® Mounting Aid

Please ensure that if you require the high rib version that you request this at the e-bay checkout*.

Also note if you have a shotgun with a tapered rib

please be aware you will need to adjust the angle

of the mirror by applying some layers of tape as per photo on the right.

*International postage may inccur additional cost



Or search ebay for RibEye Mounting Aid

If you are unfortunate enough to damage the mirror or magnet on your RibEye we also offer a replacement service, for the cost of 5.00 GBP + postage we will replace your mirror or magnet with a new one. Use the contact form above for this service.

Note; if your magnet becomes damaged package carefully and avoid contact with any sharp edges. Keep away from children as any ingestion of magnetic material can be hazardous  for further safety informationclick here