RibEye® Mounting Aid



"A fantastic bit of kit"

Need More Consistancy? RibEye Helps.

The major problem with any shooting is mounting the gun inconsistently. Any shooter needs to mount their gun into the shoulder and resting in your cheek with your dominant eye in the best position, it's really that simple.
Get the gun into your shoulder so that the eye sits perfectly over the rib in the right position for your shooting. It’s not all about getting a perfect position as we all shoot differently; It’s about getting that consistency, if your eye is a millimetre out high, low or to either side the shot will end up in a totally different position. You have to train correctly you need a practice aid that is simple to use to improve your consistency and build up muscle memory so your gun is always in the same position.. Simply practicing at home, office garden wherever you want to RibEye gives you that.

Mounting technique is key, and getting it wrong is a big problem when shooting, whether for game or clays an inconsistent gun mount will account for over 80% of nearly all misses, that combined with poor gun fit has a major effect. Not to mention stance, getting your lead wrong or your speed when following through. There are many factors that affect performance, even wearing a different jacket, that extra padding in the winter will push your stock forward enough to throw you out. With RibEye you can simply see for yourself where your eye position is and help maintain that position.

Note; if your magnet becomes damaged package carefully and avoid contact with any sharp edges. Keep away from children as any ingestion of magnetic material can be hazardous  for further safety informationclick here



The practice aid you have control of

Standard RibEye fits double and single barrel guns with a maximum rib height of 20mm Extreem RibEye for high rib guns fits rib heights of 20-50mm specify on your order that you require the high rib version.
RibEye comes in its own presentation box to make the ideal gift.
Note; Never use RibEye with a loaded gun ensure your gun is proven-empty before use.

Safety Information for magnet (click here)

Need to increase the accuracy and consistency of your field and clay shooting?
Tired of practicing your mounting technique at home in a fixed mirror in the same position, or worse getting someone to align your eye to the bead manually! Muzzle discipline teaches you to never point a gun at anyone, even unloaded.
Coaches will all stress the importance of consistency when mounting your gun.
Professional shooters will practice mounting for hours.
With RibEye you can see for yourself how your eye is aligned along the rib and at the right height above the bead, and judge your bead/rib/breach/comb/eye relationship.
Simply attach the RibEye to the end of your unloaded barrel, slip the safety strap around it and align the mirror in front of the bead. Mount your gun and observe your head & eye position in the mirror. Swing your gun in several positions to ensure you
maintain a stable eye & head position. This repetition will help build muscle memory and ensure your mounting technique is consistent through a variety of angled shots.
Be safe and practice your mounting technique anywhere, any time with RibEye.
RibEye is engineered from high quality stainless steel to outlast even the best shotguns.
The optical alignment of the polycarbonate mirror is designed to line up exactly with the rib of OU & SS shotguns with or without chokes.

Patent Office Registered Design 5000605.